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Thematic @ The Rusty Spur

By: Brandon McGinnis - Posted: 2012-01-16
The one day of the week, the ONE DAY I don’t usually have anything to do and just get to sit on my couch and watch football ( .…us Bears fans usually stop watching around Week 14, but we keep the faith). Well January 15th was a little different. I still got up at the ass crack of dawn, worked on my website (my one shameless plug…. www.WhereWeDrinkin.com) for a few hours, and watched the afternoon game. But then my Sunday night got a little more interesting with a trip to the Rusty Spur to see the Fort Wayne rock band “Thematic”. Now you might remember a few of the guys in the band as remnants of “Pheen”, another prominent band from the area that unfortunately went on an indefinite hiatus. You can hear a little bit (and I stress little bit) of their previous band, but Thematic takes it to a new level.
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