Left Lane Cruiser :: Gettin' Down On It

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Al Quandt
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General Manager / Design
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Left Lane Cruiser :: Gettin' Down On It

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please Review.
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Hillgrass Bluebilly FTW
Hillgrass Bluebilly FTW
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I remember living at Three Rivers Apartments when I first heard this album. It was a badass day outside...around mid-summer. Anderson had given me a copy of this disc so, as I was leaving the parking lot, I decided to give it a listen.

I was hooked instantly. I can remember having the stereo cranked, rolling thru town, clapping my hands, stomping my feet, and beating my fists on the steering wheel and every other beatable thing in my car to the beat of each song. No album has ever excited me as much as this one did.

2 years later...it's still in my CD player and it STILL gets spun almost daily. It's BY FAR my favorite local release EVER and it's right up there with my favorite overall release of ALL-TIME by ANY artist.

Fort Wayne has been blessed with the likes of LLC, folks. If you don't get it now, you probably never will. And if that's the case...I pity you.

Re: Left Lane Cruiser :: Gettin' Down On It

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