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sorry it was late and i had just gotten home from marion at 4am. also its a blog to you need to write perfectly??
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What does a major stadium need to succeed? Major highways... all around it. Look at the majority of stadiums that are doing well in the country. They are located very close to the Interstate. Where things are situated now... you have to hop off the Interstate and fight through traffic.... you'd have to do the same thing with a downtown stadium unless some highways are expanded (if Fort Wayne is serious about this). Am I way off?
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if any one's interested.

Councilman's Tim Pape & Sam Talarico Jr. will
be on WOWO taking calls on this subject.
Time = 5:00 to 6:00pm TODAY!

Apparently they'll be giving their reasons
for pushing this project and try to convince
the general public.

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Councilmen Call-in - Voice your Opinion this Wed.

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Council Call-in

City Councilmen Tom Hayhurst, D-4th District, and Tom Smith, R-1st District, will host their regular “Council Call-inâ€
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this stadium and hotel are going to be badass. Then we can make gangs in fort wayne to control drug trade within the condos, it'll be sweet $$. Yea! You want to see scary???... walk down Mckinnie and Hessen Cassel around 2 in the morning. Just don't bring much cash with you.
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